Elaborating on the Mutual Consent Divorce Lawyer Fees Mumbai

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Posted on: 09/11/18

Living in Mumbai? Wondering how to get divorced?

Trying to understand what processes are involved in a divorce and how much will it cost?

Well, if your marriage has hit an extremely low and surviving the difficulties of your relationship is becoming increasingly difficult, then itís best to consult a divorce advocate in Mumbai. (S)He can help you both seek a ground for resolution before beginning the legal process of divorce.

Since thereís always a chance that the marriage can be saved, so itís often seen that many divorce lawyers in Mumbai and pan-India suggest couples to reconsider their decision to split.

However, if you have decided to proceed ahead with the divorce, then you should know that the divorce lawyer fees in Mumbai depend on various factors. The amount quoted by divorce lawyers is generally quite high, which sometimes either includes the fee for consultation in the entire case or sometimes not.

Although a good divorce specialist lawyer in Mumbai charges around Rs. 2500 for consultation in regard with your divorce-related issue, the total fees will depend on the fact whether the divorce sought is a mutual consent divorce or a contested divorce.

In case of a mutual consent divorce, the fee for a top divorce lawyer, Mumbai starts from Rs 25,000 which is inclusive of all the documentation that includes - drafting, notarizing the documents, filing the petition and later if required, negotiation for property & asset division, custody rights, alimony and any other special requests that the couple has.  

The cost is one time and is for the case till its disposal. MyAdvo ensures that there is no hidden cost in the fee of the lawyer. There are chances, where fluctuations in the fees of various divorce lawyer can be seen. Here the lawyer is either going to represent both husband and wife in the mutual divorce proceeding or will be representing one of the spouses only. The fees also depend on the experience of the lawyer and his standing in the court. Like any of the best divorce lawyer, Mumbai will definitely have a great experience of fighting divorce battles in court and his/her reputation will speak highly of the amount he/she charges to handle every case.

In such cases, itís always better to go with a medium that presents you a comparative list of the fees charged by each lawyer, for the complete process, their experience & reputation, along with providing access to their contact details and the name of best divorce lawyers in Mumbai. Much like provided by MyAdvo.

Legal tech Companies like MyAdvo make it easy for you to find good divorce lawyers in Mumbai and pan-India with a fixed fee quote and easy payment methods. All you have to do is visit the website, enter your city and type the kind of lawyer you want and rest MyAdvo will do. The platform will give you access to the even female divorce lawyer in Mumbai if she suits your legal requirement the best!

Through a simple telephonic conversation, or online by sending your queries at consult@myadvo.in, you can also consult with every specialized lawyer online or ask a legal question from the divorce lawyer in Malad, Mumbai, Andheri, Bandra or anywhere else near you.


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